Our Meat Manifesto

A lot of care and attention goes in to ensuring that our cattle are reared in the most ethical and environmentally sustainable way. To make sure you know exactly how the meat is produced we have penned this 'manifesto' that sets-out our philosophy and approach to rearing top-quality beef.


The cattle spend spring, summer and the early part of autumn grazing semi-natural meadows, fens and parkland. The vegetation that they eat is rich in wild flowers, herbs and grasses. You can see exactly where they graze by looking at our map here.  

In winter, when they are housed, their diet is also mainly grass. It is fed to them as haylage, which is made on nearby fields and parkland - including areas of flower-rich ‘unimproved’ hay meadow. Occasionally some do need a bit of extra nutrition and they will be given this in the form of rolled barley/beans, brewers grains, feed blocks, fodder beet or stockfeed potatoes. We avoid using any GM feed, imported soya or palm oil products in their diet due to the environmental impacts that maybe associated with their cultivation.

Cattle health and veterinary medicines

Our cattle are monitored to ensure they maintain good health status. No antibiotics are routinely used. Products such as vaccines and wormers are only used after consulting our local vet. Selection and timing of drugs used is based on their performance and environmental impact. For example, ivermectin wormers can have a detrimental effect on dung beetles for a period of weeks after use – so we time the use of this treatment so that it does not have any effect on wildlife at our conservation grazing sites.


We use a small family run abattoir for preparing the meat who supply local butchers in Essex and London which minimises the food miles travelled from field to fork.

The breed

Red Poll are the traditional east Anglian breed. Their medium size reduces the risk of ground damage, their calm temperament suits public sites, but most importantly their renowned quality of meat ensures the best tasty beef is available to customers.

Why Red Polls?

Cattle grazing on grass at Mill Meadows

Red Polls are a traditional breed native to East Anglia. They are ideally suited to grazing sites that are important for wildlife and open to the public. They are lighter than most commercial continental breeds, will happily forage on semi-natural vegetation and are good-natured - unfazed by dog-walkers.

Find out more at the Red Poll Cattle Society website

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