Livestock tracking

Working in collaboration with NFC, pioneers in the field of asset tracking and creators of the award-winning Orion network, we have designed a bespoke livestock tracking system. Once the robust GPS units have been fitted, individual animals can be instantly located on a simple map-based interface viewable from a smart phone or computer. 

Not only can the system reduce the time it can take staff (or volunteers) to find livestock on large or wooded sites it also generates powerful locational data to help measure the effectiveness of grazing by revealing where and when cattle forage on different habitats or plant communities.

To hear about Legacy Grazing experiences developing and using the system please contact us directly. For enquires about its technical specifications or to place an order then please contact NFC at the address below:

NFC Group UK (Head Office)
50 Christchurch Road
BH24 1DW
United Kingdom
01425 485263


We are committed to monitoring the affect of our grazing on the natural environment. In addition to habitat condition monitoring we are conducting trials to: understand the effects of differing worming treatments on dung fauna; test the efficacy of various fly controls measures; measure the impact of trampling upon bracken - through the use of fixed-point photography; and quantify the impact of browsing by goats on bramble - using time-lapse photography.

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