Mill Meadows

Mill Meadows, Billericay, is a 36 hectare Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and one of the finest ancient meadow systems in Essex. Centuries of grazing have created the ideal conditions for a wonderful diversity of wild flowers, fungi, insects and invertebrates, many of which are rare. It contains an area of 7 hectares declared as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its unimproved neutral grassland. The remaining areas is designated as a Local Wildlife Site.

The Legacy Grazing Project is working with Basildon Council and the Mill Meadows Society to implement a bespoke grazing regime as part of a Higher Level Stewardship agreement.




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Site Information


Basildon Borough Council

Area grazed:

26 Hectares

Key habitats:

Lowland Meadow

Key species:

Heath-Spotted Orchid, Sneezewort, Devil's-bit Scabious and Betony

Grazing period:

April to October

Grazing density:

15-18 cows

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