Thorndon Country Park

Thorndon Country Park is 120 hectares in size and one of the County's finest examples of wood-pasture and parkland, with many large veteran trees that support a nationally important assemblage of beetles. Most of the wood-pasture and ancient woodland is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with other areas of woodland and grassland notified as Local Wildlife Site (LoWS).

Our Cheviot goats work alongside the Red Polls to graze an area of species-rich grassland to the west of Childerditch Wood that is within a Higher Level Stewardship scheme and noted for its butterfly fauna. The goats are used to target dense stands of bramble.


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Site Information


Essex County Council

Area grazed:

11 Hectares

Key habitats:

Wood-Pasture & Parkland and Lowland Meadow

Key species:

Notable Butterflies

Grazing period:

April to September (all year goats)

Grazing density:

9 Cattle and up to 39 Goats

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