Weald Country Park

Weald Country Park is a well-used park on the edge of Brentwood. At over 200 hectares in size, it supports important areas of wood-pasture and acid grassland habitat and is designated as a Local Wildlife Site (LoWS) due to the presence of numerous veteran trees and a number of notable plants and insects.

Our Red Poll herd graze at low density all year round in the 'Old Park' and during winter in the 'Roughs' as part of a Higher Level Stewardship scheme.


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Site Information


Essex County Council

Area grazed:

45 Hectares

Key habitats:

Wood-Pasture & Parkland and Lowland Dry Acid Grassland

Key species:

Heath Violet, Heath Spotted Orchid and Notable Beetles

Grazing period:

May to December

Grazing density:


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